No practice putting is allowed on the putting green on the day of play. Surveying the putt from the side, crouching behind the ball to study the break and repeated practice strokes are not permitted.

Competitors will be grouped as playing partner twosomes – please do not attempt to play with the same partner each week. Each group will be assigned a starting hole for the shotgun start. Double cards must be kept by each twosome. Mark your partner’s score and your score at the completion of each hole. After completing 18 holes check each hole with your playing partner and resolve any differences. Sign and attest final results and together turn in the cards at the Pay-Out Table.

Start all putts with the ball no further than the length of one putter head from the tee marker on either side of the tee marker. Putt with the pin in the hole. Retrieve the ball by lifting the pin out of the hole and picking up the ball if you choose, or by picking up the ball directly from the hole, whichever is most comfortable to you.  Be sure the pin is returned to its proper position, with the flag clearly visible from the tee marker.

A ball putted entirely off the putting green to the fringe or beyond is deemed out of bounds. Procedure: take the ball in a straight line to the nearest edge of the green. Then hand place ball one putter-head length inside the green on this line. Add a 1 stroke penalty for that specific hole.

If a competitor holes the ball into the wrong hole, she must cancel the strokes, take a 1 stroke penalty, return to the tee marker, and play out the hole correctly.

Continuous putting is the order of play, with no marking of the ball between putts. Complete your putts and hole out before your partner tees off. In order to keep play moving the maximum number of strokes on any hole, including penalty strokes is 5. If you have not holed the ball after 4 strokes, pick up your ball and record a score of 5.

If your ball strikes another ball which is at rest: 1) the moving ball shall be played from where it stopes. 2) The ball at rest shall be returned to its original spot. If a ball is moved by wind or any outside agency, it shall be replaced without penalty in its at rest position. Failure to replace the ball before the next putt shall incur a 1 stroke penalty.

If two balls in motion strike each other, each player shall replay her ball from its original spot with no penalty.

Ball in motion stopped or deflected by any moving or stationary outside agency – no penalty. Stroke canceled and ball shall be replayed from its original spot.

No player shall take any action, other than putting, which influences the position or movement of the ball.

Upon completion of a hole, players shall hand-carry the ball to the next hole. Striking or pushing it with the putter head shall be deemed a testing the surface or practice putting and they shall be given a 1 stroke penalty.

Observe the following matters of courtesy:

Move quickly to the next hole, always avoiding holding up the speed of play. Do not stand too near your fellow competitor.
Do not stand directly behind the pin.
Keep conversations to a minimum while others close to you are putting.