The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of the elected officers and the appointed Board Members, who are the Committee Chairpersons.  They normally meet once per month and are responsible for managing the Club in the best interests of the members.

Marlene Gates Treasurer, Sanna Hern Secretary, Gail Schwar Vice President, Anne Becknell President

2021 Club Officers

Any Club Officer may be contacted for more information about the club.

Anne Becknell

Anne Becknell


Gail Schwar

Gail Schwar

Vice President

Sanna Hern

Sanna Hern


Marlene Gate

Marlene Gate


Board Meetings Scheduled for 2021 :  Men’s Club @ 8:00 am

April 12, 2021. May 10, 2021.  


Committee Chairpersons

Linda Reed

Membership-Aprons & Badges

Judy Horvick

Membership, Apron & Badges

Gail Eto

Greens Setup

Photo Not Available


Kay Williams

Check In

Kathy Holm

Pay Out

Bev Sypherd

Handicaps, Awards and Pins

Trina Kessler

Social Co chair

Photo Not Available

Alicia Kelley

Social Co-Chair Publicity

Annette Hemmingsen

Orientation, Sunshine, Safety, Rules

Jean Majka


Alicia Kelley


Linda Weatbrook

Content Mgr. Website Greeters