Standing Rules

1.  Yearly membership will run from January 1st through December 31st.  Dues for new member joining in January through October shall pay the current annual membership rate plus a one-time fee of $20.00 to cover the cost of the Club apron and the name badge.  New members joining in November or December will pay $5.00 to cover membership for the remainder of the current year and $20.00 for their apron and name badge.  They will pay $20.00 to renew their membership for the year beginning January 1.

2. Renewal dues must be in and recorded by January 10th of the renewal year.  Failure to meet the deadline of January 10th will incur a $5.00 late fee bringing the renewal payment to $25.00  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  If renewal dues have not been paid by February 1, membership is suspended until such time as the renewal dues and penalty are paid.

3. Weekly putting competitions will not involve “sign-ups” in advance or cancellations.  One dollar ($1.00) of our weekly fee of three dollars ($3.00 paid in one dollar bills) shall be paid as a greens fee to the host golf course.    The remaining two dollars ($2.00) shall be used for the pay-off for holes-in-one and weekly prizes.  Pay-off for holes-in-one will be made upon presentation of the attested score cards at the Pay-Out Table.  Other prizes for the weekly competition will be awarded at the next general meeting or luncheon.

4.  We shall abide by the SCW Lady Putters Bylaws.

5. Our official lady Putters attire is the Club apron, a white shirt with or without collars and sleeves, and/or a white jacket, your choice of white shorts, slacks, skirt or skort and an optional white visor or hat.  Shirts must be non-revealing in nature.  No spaghetti straps, tube tops, halters, midriff exposing tops, swimwear or the like.  Slacks, shorts, skorts and skirts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.  Only the SCW Lady Putters logo or the SCW Recreation Center logo is  allowed.  White tennis shoes, walking shoes or flat rubber-soled sandals are required on the green.  No heels of any kind or golf shoes with cleats are allowed.  All clothing must be hemmed and free of holes and tears.  Any clothing displaying profanity, inappropriate wording or controversial messages will not be consider appropriate.

6. On Buddy Day, the last Wednesday of the month, Lady Putters may wear any colors of their choice instead of white.  This includes shirts, shorts, slacks, jackets, shoes and hats.  All previously listed dress code rule apply.

7. Guests of residents are welcome to putt free.  However, they will not be eligible for any prizes, including holes-in-one.  Residents may putt free up to two times before joining Lady Putters.  However they will not be eligible for any prizes, including holes-in-one.

8. Payment for a luncheon will be by check only.  No refunds will be issued after a stated deadline.

9. In determining the results of weekly competitions, the Awards Chairman will group the competitors into same-size groups, or “flights“, according to handicap, in order that members compete for prizes within groups of comparable skills.  New members must start with no handicap and will compete in a No-Cap flight until they have turned in five (5) attested score cards.  (The No-Cap flight will compete on the basis of gross scores.)  After five scores, the Handicap Chairman will assign a provisional handicap in order to allow the member to compete within the regular flights.  After the first 10 (10) scores, the member will be assigned a regular handicap.  Handicaps will be updated and published a minimum of twice monthly.

10. The Club will hold at least four (4) General Meetings or General Luncheon Meetings during the year.