Will not involve any sign-ups in advance or cancellations. Weekly fees are $3, always bring $1 bills for your fee.  $1 of our weekly fee shall be paid to the course as a green fee.  The remaining $2 shall be used for the pay-off of holes-in-one and weekly prizes.  Pay-off for holes-in-one will be made upon presentation of the attested score card at the Pay-Out Table.  Other prizes for the weekly competition will be awarded at the next general meeting luncheon.In determining the results of weekly competitions and in order for members to compete for prizes in groups of comparable skills we have groups also known as flights.  New members start with no handicap and will compete in a no handicap flight until they have turned in 5 attested score cards.  The no handicap flight will compete on the basis of gross scores.  After 5 scores, the Handicap Chairman will assign a provisional handicap in order to allow the member to compete in the regular group/flights.  After the first 10 attested scores, the member will be assigned a regular handicap. Handicaps will be updated and published on the bulletin board and the website at least twice monthly.  PRIZES/AWARDS


In addition to the weekly flight winners, the following prizes are awarded at the quarterly meeting.

A small bird pin is award for every 5 holes-in-one a putter accumulates.

There are 3 types of small birds. Colored pins come in blue, pink and lavender.

When 10 small birds are turned in the putter earns a larger “blue bird” pin.

When any combination of 5 large birds are turned in the putter earns a putter pin.

A large bird is awarded for getting 3 holes in one in one day.  This pin comes in two styles.

If a “Magic Hole” has been designated, a player who make a hole-in-one on the “Magic Hole” is awarded $10.00 at the next general meeting.


The handicaps are calculated and posted by the Handicap Chairman according to the following calculation:

  1. Take the best 5 scores of the most recent 10 games.
  2. Add these 5 best scores together and subtract 180 (5 X Par 36)
  3. Divide the resulting number by 2, and round down the result to a whole number. This result is known as the Differential Index.

A player with fewer than 5 games scores will be assigned a no handicap, denoted as NH.  A player with at least 5, but fewer than 10 game scores will be assigned a provisional handicap with the handicap number followed by a P.  Each new game score, after 5 games, will be used to update her provisional handicap and an updated list of Provisional Handicaps will be posted on the Bulletin Board prior to each weekly putting event.  When the player has accumulated 10 or more game scores the P will be dropped.