Membership Information

The SCW Lady Putters club maintains a membership in the neighborhood of 200 ladies.  Some are active golfers, some are former golfers, and others are non-golfers.  The club events provide attractive leisure activities for all members, who enjoy the camaraderie of friends while developing and enhancing their putting skills.

Interested ladies who have a Rec Center card can come as a guest two times, with waived entry fees, to see whether they would like to join.  To join, all that is necessary is to show up during the weekly check-in period, contact our Membership Chairpersons ( Judy Horvick)  for a membership application form, or you can PRINT OUT AN APPLICATION FORM FROM THE WEBSITE  and pay the new member dues (BY CHECK) and the entry fee of 3 one-dollar bills (the single dollar bills are necessary in order that we have the bills to pay off the holes-in-one after the event).  Membership dues are $20 per year, and new members pay an additional $20 (a total of $40) to help defray the costs of their putting apron and their badge.  The burgundy-colored putting aprons provide handy pockets for the score card, a pencil, a golf ball, keys and a wallet. The badges promote easy introduction to other players and make it possible to assimilate new members quickly.  To help new members or guests, we always have ladies available who will welcome you and putt with you to help you follow the routine and rules.  For new members who join after October 1st, the dues they pay are reduced and they will pay the renewal dues on January 1 of each year.  A new member Orientation is mandatory and is held at Grandview after putting.  It is usually on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

The deadline for payment of renewal dues ($20) is January 15.   If renewal dues have not been paid by January 15, membership is suspended until such time as the renewal dues  are paid.

The entry fee for each event is 3 one-dollar bills, which includes a $1 “greens fee” paid to the Golf Course (for exclusive use of the putting green) and $2 prize money.  The prize money is used to pay members $2 for each hole-in-one that day.  The remaining prize money is allocated to players for low net scores and other putting accomplishments that day.  These monies are accumulated and awarded during the quarterly General Meeting and Awards Luncheon.


Click the Button above to view and  print the 2021 Volunteers Sign Up Sheet.

There are many different ways to serve as a volunteer.  It is a fun and easy way to get to know the ladies in this club.  The completed form can be given to Kay Williams at the signup desk or put into the locked drawer underneath the bulletin board.  

Lady Putters Shirt Order Form

Click the Button above to view and print a form.

Jody Harwood is the putter to contact to order shirts, sweatshirts and hats. If you have questions, her phone number is 623-215-5884.  You can turn your order in along with a check made out to Jody Harwood.  Either Jody or Toni Zastrow can accept your order form at putters.